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Welcome to The MiMo Method, where we revolutionize the way you approach your health and wellness journey! If this is your first time here, get ready for an exhilarating experience that will transform your mind and body.

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Saturday Feb 04, 2023

What do you do when your goals aren’t being realized? You feel behind and like nothing is ever going to work?
You do it anyway!! Today we are talking about 5 ways to challenge and change your mental toughness and help you keep going when things gets hard.

Monday Jan 16, 2023

What do we do with the client that saw an ad for come crazy "cleanse" and is banking on this as a fix for everything? How do we convince people not to believe everything a fitness influencer presents? Can we fight back and help our clients maintain their mental health while on a physical health journey? The answer is YES!! Today I lay out the three phases of working with clients on health goals while overcoming the concept that getting their "body goals" doesn't always equal true happiness. Get out the pencil and paper because this one is a BIGGIE!!!

The Perfect Morning Routine

Monday Jan 09, 2023

Monday Jan 09, 2023

Gretchen deep dives and uncomplicated morning routines.  Stop adding things to your routine unless  you see evidence that it is making you more successful.  Get the 3 things (yep, only 3) that you need to do every day to make 2023 the best year yet!
Get your free workouts by visiting www.GretchenGegg.com/podcast

Monday Jan 02, 2023

Monday Dec 12, 2022

How can you break up with a toxic diet & fitness relationship after many years? Is it too late to re-write your body narrative and help yourself, other women like you and even future generations? Learn how this mindset (and The MiMo Method) can give you back your JOY in life. Join Gretchen as she hosts a chat with Body Freedom Experts Liz Birkeland, Jessica Black, Shaye Woodward, and Kelly Wright - Meet the Experts!
Want to be a body freedom expert? 

Monday Dec 05, 2022

If you are a coach, you know the struggle when clients can’t seem to replace their negative thinking with something that will work FOR them.  What do we do when we can’t GIVE them a new thought and they can’t GET one either?? Solve this dilemma with the SPIN technique outlined here! 
This week’s LIFE WORK: Coaches, try this out with your clients that are struggling to change their thought!

Sunday Nov 27, 2022

Do you feel like your mood drops with the temperatures outside? Do the dark days of late fall and winter leave you in a depressed state? If so, you might want to check out these tips!
This week’s LIFE WORK: Check out the fitness on offer from GG Coaching.  Get a 30 day FREE TRIAL to the Body Freedom Fitness Studio https://www.gretchengegg.com/bodyfreedomfitness and join our event happening now (Nov 28-Dec 9, 2022) for live fitness classes daily https://www.gretchengegg.com/event-details/mimo-mania
DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed mental health professional who diagnoses or treats mental illnesses.  This information should not be substituted for therapy/counseling or used to treat clinical depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  These tips CAN help you feel better in general and complement mental health treatment for depression (medicine & therapy). If you feel suicidal, there are many people who want to support you call 988 in the US or visit Suicide.org to find a helpline in your country.

Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

If you always seem to “fall off” the fitness train over the holidays, then this episode is for you! 
Get 5 easy steps to creating the ideal fitness environment that follows you anywhere.  And, as a bonus, get access to two weeks of live fitness with Gretchen to carry you through the year’s end.
    This week’s LIFE WORK: Sign up for Mind Into Motion MANIA! The latest fitness program launching for free in the Body Freedom fitness studio.  Get it here: https://www.gretchengegg.com/event

Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

The truth is that I have found a lot of success in my life, but it was 100% NOT because of my planner.   In fact, I usually tackle a planner for a good month and then it kind of fades away in the background.  
I used to think this was a sign that I couldn’t “hack” it.  That I was a quitter and give up easily.  But now I know the truth.  
Listen to the podcast and download the planner at www.gretchengegg.com/podcast to get the truth for yourself.
This week’s LIFE WORK: This is going to sound weird, but download the planner and just see what happens over a week.  At the end of every day check off what was done.  This is an indicator of what is important to you.  Then look at how it naturally fits into your life.  Maybe start with something that you do when you wake up and something you do when you go to bed that will naturally signal your body into a rhythm.  
Email Gretchen@gretchengegg.com with subject “Life Coach Academy”

Monday Nov 07, 2022

The app world is TEEMING with apps determined to help you become better at managing your to-do list.  With promises of “no more wasted time” and the belief that we will be reminded of our every errand, it is easy to dismiss the idea of jotting down our daily obligations on a piece of paper.  
This week’s LIFE WORK:This week focus on your to-do list technique as you tackle the planner challenge.  
Don’t have your planner yet?? Download it here!


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